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Vesoi is another Italian company with its full offer range available in our online store Studio Faktoria. Vesoi is a brand which is highly popular among our customers. The success of company sales was due to several factors. These include: perfect value for money (even at a very unfavorable euro exchange rate;)), as well as product versatility. When creating lighting fixtures, the company uses universal holders, thus making its lamps compatible with different types of light bulbs. This allows customers to fit the lighting to their individual preferences.

Another significant advantage of the brand Vesoi is the diversity of its luminaries. Any customer browsing the extensive catalogue of the brand is sure to find something to their satisfaction. Last, but not least: the price. The company has proven that upscale luxury design can be accessible to everyone. Products with the Vesoi logo are resistant to exchange rate fluctuations, customs duties and taxes – anyone choosing to invest in the products from this Italian brand can be certain that at the time of payment they will be pleasantly surprised at the cost of purchase.


Unique series of lighting fixtures from Vesoi

At the moment, the offer of the brand encompasses 98 floor luminaires. Most of them are available in different colors, sizes, options. One of the most interesting products of the Italian brand is the Ideatelaio lamp – it will perfectly complement raw, industrial interiors, lending them a truly lofty character. In addition to a floor lamp captured in a geometric form of a square, the series also includes wall sconces and table lamps. They are available in four colors, which has a number of merits. The luminaire can be easily adapted to the surrounding environment. Both lamps have a neutral, traditional color scheme, so there is no concern they will become tiring to the eye or dominate the interior design. Ideatelaio is also available in two variants: the first model is square-shaped, while the second – Ideatalio – draws upon the shape of a circle. As we know, minimalist forms are extremely fashionable. Enthusiasts of industrial and minimalist design will certainly appreciate the Tiramisu floor lamp. This unique luminaire has a custom mounting system, in which the protruding cable acts as an additional embellishment. When securing the lamp it is not necessary to forge walls. This is a practical solution for when we want to change the location of the lamp. All it takes is attaching the disc in a different place. The lamp is available in two versions with one or two discs for the power cord.

The collection of suspension lamps from Vesoi encompasses as many as 799 models. Such a wide range of products in this category makes it easy to find your dream luminaire. But if this versatility proves too much to make a definitive choice, call us or write to us – we will be more than happy to provide you with advice, assistance or share with you opinions of other customers about specific products. Vesoi luminaires have been an absolute bestseller since the very founding of our company, so we have a lot of knowledge on all aspects related to these products. Fuse suspension lamp is an elegant luminaire characterized by a simple form. The series includes various typologies of the model: floor lamp, wall lamp, pendant lamp, table lamp.

Lamps from the Fuse series will complement any minimalist interior. Their style will fit right in with concrete, brick or solid wood. These are true trendsetters in modern interior design. Tubetto is available in three lengths. Its aluminum frame has an ultra-modern flair. The lamp will work perfectly as illumination for tables, bars, tabletops and exhibition spaces for trade fairs or in galleries. It is a minimalist and elegant design item which nobody will pass by indifferently. If you are looking for a way to refresh / liven up your interior decor you should certainly take a liking to the Ideabarra pendant lamp. This simple and inexpensive luminaire looks truly dignified and stylish. Even a layman will notice right away that they are dealing with a truly designer item. Selle suspension lamp is one of a kind. It has a white-transparent glass diffuser. It consists of as many as 74 elements, strongly reminiscent of flower petals. The series also includes a wall sconce. Selle luminaires are a perfect testimony to the creative craftsmanship behind Vesoi products. Jasper, in turn, will appeal to fans of more traditional ceiling lamps. The lampshade expertly diffuses light, gently illuminating the entire room – simplicity inducing true delight in audiences. Streamlined shapes enclosed in the form of a lampshade made of three-layer laminated glass. The brand’s offer also includes chandeliers. As befits Vesoi, the collection of chandeliers encompasses the highest quality products in different styles.

Ceiling lamps from Vesoi include 37 stunning suggestions for your dream ceiling lamp. We will find products such as the Areacer ceiling lamp. It is available in a traditional variant, LED dimmable version and with additional side lighting. This practical luminaire is available in two colors – white or black. Fully universal, it can be used as a wall lamp or ceiling lamp. This product has appeared in the brand’s catalogue in 2009 and belongs to a broad family of Area lamps. If you are interested in pure, geometric forms, take note of the P-quadro ceiling lamps. This model will certainly delight lovers of fashionable loft esthetics. Piega ceiling lamp is an optimally aesthetic and simple form. Its thin acrylic diffuser formed in a technologically advanced heat treatment process will emit strong light, illuminating the entire room.

An Italian company that manufactures light fittings – Vesoi – offers an impressive number of products in the category: wall sconce. These include as many as 318 suggestions for a dream wall luminaire. Pic wall lamp is the essence of minimalism. This simple but original and unusual luminaire can be also used as a ceiling lamp. It is a highly decorative décor element emitting gentle, pleasant light which is in no way irritating, but promotes relaxation. Infedele sconce is a modern version of the classic model with an unusual design. Its subtle form of cast iron in the white color has been enriched with Murano glass elements. This lamp can be classified as a work of art. Looking at the rectangular Move wall sconce when turned off, at first glance it is impossible to tell whether we’re dealing with a photo frame, modern decorative element or indeed a wall lamp. Its rectangular aluminum form is sure to lend any room atmospheric character. In addition to wall- and ceiling-mounted models, the brand also offers stunning recessed versions.