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High functionality loft lighting is a hot topic for anyone interested in design. Raw lamps with simple lines fit right in with current trends. Combine that with a little bit of French finesse and you get a MUST HAVE.

Jielde – from an idea to a dynamic enterprise

In order to familiarize ourselves with one of the finest French brands producing loft lighting, we must go back to 1940. It was then that the founder of the brand first developed the concept behind Jielde – the idea to create a lamp that would make his artisanal work much easier and more comfortable. As a craftsman he was well aware that the key to success would be high functionality of the luminaire. Jean-Louis Domecq experimented for 10 years, to be able to finally show the world his first project in 1950, after a series of laborious attempts. A simple, robust and functional lamp, perfectly fulfilling its function in all types of offices and workshops. Shortly afterwards – already as early as 1953 – the production of Jielde lamps was industrialized. In the same year the company also took the name it still bears today. It comes from the initials of the enlightened craftsman, the founder of the brand.

Brand success over the years

The creative craftsman died in 1983, failing to see the power he had built. The loft lamp he designed ceased to be a typically industrial object, becoming instead a fashionable and highly sought after element of house decor. His products have gained a staggering popularity because they worked perfectly as task lighting; office lamp facilitating work, reading lamp or wall sconce. Over the years, the design has also been given a considerable range of colors in which it is now offered.

Loft lighting – from the workshop into the salons of high society

The original standard model has laid the foundation for the entire loft lighting series – maintaining, obviously, typical loft esthetics. The unique character of the lamps earned them appreciation of millions of customers all around the world. The luminaire itself reached incredible ennoblement and after conquering workshops found its way into the high society salons in Paris and beyond.

The synergy of four collections at the basis of the brand success

Among the products offered by the brand, we can distinguish 4 lines:

  • Loft
  • Signal
  • Lak
  • Suspensions

Already as of the beginning of July, unique loft-style lamps will become a permanent part of the Studio Faktoria offer.