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The five main principles of hygge

Although none of us can pronounce it 100% correctly, the mysterious word: "Hygge" has been a hot topic for discussion for a few months now. The world has been swept off its feet by the Danish philosophy of life, turning a country known for its bad weather, Lego and good quality furniture into the world's largest brand of "happiness at your fingertips". Winter, the most difficult for many of us part of the year, is just at the doors. Lack of sun, the transition to winter time, freezing temperatures and leaves falling from the trees. Especially during this period of time it is worth turning towards Denmark and learning the secrets of the art of living known as "hygge" – the antidote for sadness, bad weather and problems. If we follow the principles of the art of hygge, we are sure to benefit on many levels. How? We have checked it!

Hygge: the time of true happiness, idyllic and homely atmosphere, family warmth and the ability to create a comfort zone for our mind.

1. Hygge is a childlike carelessness and blissful ignorance

Childlike carelessness has no price tag on it, it’s true, simple and unique. It is about looking at the world as a land of milk and honey, where there is no evil. This is the approach to life promoted by the "hygge" philosophy. It is expressed in the idea that it is good not to know too much. It is also about being able to block off negative information for a certain period of time. During the weekend we should do something really nice, something that gives us happiness. A series of traffic accidents, fires or riots will all be there the next morning too. In this way, "hygge" reflects the Polish proverb "the less you know – the better you sleep," but not for 100%. Hygge is a process of gathering good experiences and emotions, a truly childlike indifference towards material things and enjoyment of the beauty of the small things. Danish society is fairly wealthy and yet pays little attention to the glitz and possession of material goods.

2. Hygge is the art of interior design

Looking at the product pictures available at our store you can immediately identify those coming from the Danish brands. Hygge interior, first of all, is a space of beauty and harmony. You will find beautiful furniture and nice items of everyday use in Danish homes. A lot of candles and practical goods devoid of unnecessary elements make the dwelling more cosy and comfortable. House is a real "heart" of hygge philosophy and style of life It is here where the social life of the Danes concentrates. On Friday evenings it is best to invite friends over for a round of your favorite board game or card game (in Denmark such form of entertainment enjoys high popularity among people of all ages). Such intimate gatherings are much more "hygge" than going out to a fancy restaurant or a club with the loud techno music. Dinner with the family and a nice chat and the atmosphere of blissful relaxation – this is the essence of hygge. It is about the celebration of the moment – enjoying the seemingly small, meaningless things. Drinking coffee combined with tasting homemade pastries in a comfortable Danish chair is very much hygge. Most importantly, the philosophy of life of hygge pays no attention to money. Comfortable slippers, relaxation in front of the fireplace, a warm blanket and pleasant light of Danish lamps. That's enough to feel hygge.

3. Hygge is a celebration of ordinary moments

Nowadays many moments of our lives are reminiscent of films made overseas, where characters are constantly busy, always rushing somewhere, not having time for themselves and their families. The key to the implementation of hygge is to enjoy and celebrate the present moment. Danes do just that and they are really happy. They know that anything can happen, but does not necessarily have to. Hygge is not fond of schedules filled to the brim with tasks. Happiness may just come from listening to our favorite music, turning off the phone and logging out of Facebook. In line with these principles, happiness is the right of all of us, because hygge knows no boundaries of age or gender distinction. The essence of hygge concerns our approach to daily activities. They will be positive if we look at them in the right way. This philosophy works especially during short autumn days and in unfavourable aura.

4. Hygge is a way of life in harmony with nature

Quiet idyllic scenery and rejoicing in the beauty of nature – such a setting will surely help you to incorporate hygge. Best to leave the phone and credit card at home and spend the Saturday morning taking a stroll among the trees. Live closer to nature and surround yourself with furniture and objects made of natural materials. Hygge is consistent with the philosophy of slow life. Hygge is an absolute delight with the processes and phenomena occurring in nature. It is an admiration for the sunset, the joy felt at the appearance of the rainbow in the sky or a walk in a pine grove. Polish landscapes have a lot to offer to the art of living hygge. Simple moments and communing with nature, being aware that at the moment there is nothing that needs to be done – this is very much hygge.

5. Hygge is just getting pleasure from the simple things

If you want to surround yourself with the objects: furniture and lamps compatible with hygge – you might want to browse our store. Hundreds of pieces of furniture and lamps that incorporate hygge are waiting for you! According to the rules of hygge what counts is here and now. It is about our comfort in everyday situations. One great hygge advantage is that it is accessible to everyone. This allows us to explore the positive side of every situation. It is solely up to us how pleasurable our tasks will be. It's about changing the way we think about our duties and about celebration of the moment. Thanks to this approach to life with hygge, we can always feel blissfully despite the bad weather outside the window. Long chats with your friends at your house among the burning candles, meal with your family and joyful conversations – all these things are hygge. Nice atmosphere and positive feelings - that is hygge.

If you want to feel hygge at your own house, at your disposal are hundreds of Danish lamps and thousands pieces of Danish furniture available at our store - 100% hygge!