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Aro LED pendant lamp (white)

T-3545 WH
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Commodity bespoke
Product description

Functional Aro pendant lamp made of metal. Lamp with a lampshade in the form of a circle. Adjustable in 360 degree lampshade, you can rotate it in all the directions, and up and down doe to the longitudinal arm. Lampshade is protected by a transparent plastic coating. Built-in dimmer and heasliner. In the collection you can also find table and floor lamps. Black lampshade, with the white / black arm and fixture. Light source is included in the set. LED light source 10W, 1500 lumens. Light color 2700K or 3000K - when ordering, please specify the option.

Aro pendant lamp from the Spanish producer Estiluz was created in order to help you in your work or study. It is loved by all the artists and designers. It looks well as in the house, so in the office space. Created by by well-known designer, Jordi Blasi.