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Aro LED chandelier (5 lampshades)

T-3542-W BLK
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Commodity bespoke
Product description

Suspension lamp from Aro Collection by Estiluz. The metal lamp is ideal for modern, classic and loft interiors. Depending on the chosen variant, it has 5, 7 or 12 adjustable heads. Lampshades can be turned upward or downward. Possibility of dimming. Lamp source for the lamp with five diffusers: LED 5x 10W, light color 2700K, 5 x 1473 lumens. Light source for the lamp with 7 diffusers: 7x 10W. light color 2700K, 7x 1437 lumens. Aro suspension lamp is made with 12 heads placed on two levels. 7 lampshades are on the first level, and 5 on the second.

Project made by Jordi Blasi. Designer graduated from the prestigious Eina School of Design in Barcelona. Since 2010 Jordi Blasi has been working in his own studio. He cooperates with various lighting and furniture companies. Also he works as a journalist of the prestigious Spanish magazine.