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Pivoni | LED lamps and exclusive lighting | Luxury furniture and designer accessories | Professional online store -10,000 luxury goods | SHOWROOM Warsaw | Pivoni is an authorized representative of the leading Scandinavian, Italian and Spanish manufacturers. The best world design, modern lighting fixtures and LED lamps. The highest quality furniture made of wood, as well as luxurious furniture for your garden.

In the offer the main products are lamps and various luminaries, as well as garden pots, chairs, tables and decorative accessories.

Our store has been awarded by the numerous international certificates of trusted purchases Trusted Shop. We periodically offer to you discounts and promotions. We have always super prices | Fast free shipping for most products offered | Selected products are available in 24 hours. At you can buy new products from the world's leading designers, limited collections of furniture and a series of unique lamps.

At you can find designer lamps for home, office or garden, as well as furniture from the world famous designers. Here you can find exclusive lamps, which you have long been dreaming of, or solid furniture from a single piece of wood. We offer to your attention a wide range of products made in different styles. Here you will find lamps in Scandinavian style, loft style, modern, classic, retro and last mid-century modern style, as well as soft, wooden and metal furniture. Each interior will acquire an individual character thanks to designer lighting and furniture from the best European manufacturers. We sell luxury brands from Italy, Spain, Germany, Poland, Portugal and the Scandinavian countries. We work with dozens of companies, and we are in constant search of new promising companies for successful cooperation. We want to surprise our customers every day with new stylish things for decorating a beautiful interior. Most of the offer of our online store with lamps and furniture presents the best projects starting from the second half of the 20th century. We focus on the original design of the highest class. We offer products from dozens of manufacturers with a worldwide reputation. In our online store you will find a full offer from the Italian brand Artemide. The company was founded in 1960 in Milan. In company creative activity, the manufacturer focuses on ergonomics, beauty and ecology, realizing his motto, connected with the philosophy of „The Human Light". A wide and diverse range of Artemide lamps includes ceiling models, floor lamps, wall sconces, hanging and table lamps, as well as outdoor lighting fixtures. Many of the Artemide luminaries are in stock and in our showroom there are constantly being shown several dozen models. Traditional methods of glass manufacturing combined with a modern approach to production technology are the hallmarks of Axo Light products offered by our store. Products with Axo Light logo will be a perfect complement to the minimalist interior, in which they will put a bright decorative accent. They perfectly fit into the interior of the office and other premises for which elegant lamps of the highest quality are required. The full offer of the Danish manufacturer Gubi is also presented in our store with luminaries. Furniture: chairs, armchairs, shelves, as well as interior accessories and lamps with minimalist lines are offered to your attention. Design furniture from Gubi is a real work of art. Considering these products, it seems that the difference between the past, the present and the future is blurred. Brand Flos collaborates with the best designers. Our store with lamps has a complete offer from this Italian manufacturer. There are projects from Tobia Scarpa, Antonio Cittero, Philipe Starck or Pier Giacomo Castiglioni. In our showroom, lamps from Flos are perfectly represented. Designers follow the trends of global fashion in the field of lighting. Flos lamps are very popular among clients, architects and interior designers. Foscarini brand offers a wide choice of models of luminaries from 30 innovative materials. Lamps designed by great designers for this brand are highly functional, and please the eye with beauty and originality. They are created with respect to the principles of ecology and nature. Studio Italia Design produces designer luminaries that always outpace the era both visually and technologically. Such lamps will satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding customers. Our store also presents a full range of lighting fixtures from Vesoi, a brand that offers products created with passion. Innovative lamps, adapted to the needs of modern people, will make your interior truly unique. The manufacturers' portfolio includes a lot of models of classic lamps, as well as modern LED lamps.

You will definitely love the products from Normann Copenhagen. The manufacturers' offer includes unique furniture, which has been repeatedly awarded with prestigious awards for an innovative approach to artistic design, and the best approach to industrial design. Only a few years ago, Vondom produced only stylish garden pots. Now this manufacturer of lamps and furniture belongs to the group of global magnates in this industry. Lamps and furniture Vondom will bring the climate into your interior as if directly from a luxury resort. Spectacular lamps from the Norwegian manufacturer Northern Lighting seduce you with their organic forms, inspired by nature. In the offer from this Scandinavian brand you will find modern lamps with refined lampshades, as well as traditional glass lampshades. Many of the luminaries from Northern Lighting are LED lamps that give strong light and consume a minimum amount of energy. A lot of manufacturers rely on fixtures that do not harm the environment. Northern Lighting also makes lamps with wooden decorative elements, which are ideal for Scandinavian interiors in houses and apartments. Spanish Marset lamps are very popular among our customers. Discoco lighting will appeal to lovers of modern interiors. Tam Tam lamp will revive the living room in retro style, and the LED lamp Theia will present a special chic to your office. When looking for lamps with the linear system or technical lighting for an office building, lamps for a hotel or restaurant, it is worth looking at the AQForm offer. The manufacturer was awarded by the prestigious Red Dot Design Award for creating interesting metal LED lamps, halogens and spotlights. In offer of this manufacturer you will find energy-saving chandeliers, wall sconces and plafonds. A wide range of materials, different sizes of luminaries, various light sources and additional options for AQForm lamps make it possible to create excellent harmonized compositions for lighting even the most extensive areas.

Online store original lamps. We offer thousands of exceptional products. Here you will find luxury projects in a style that you will definitely like. The history of the objects we offer starts from the last century. We have modern lamps, chandeliers and sconces and real icons of the lighting fixtures design. Fans of retro design will also appreciate our products. When designing furniture, as in architecture and art, many new trends emerged. On the one hand, we have the Bauhaus, a legislator of simple form, with subdued colors, but lamps in this style lit the interior very well. This design school was founded in Weimar, Germany, in 1919. At that time, only one course was created, the essence was to educate designers to understand the forms, material and colors. The course focused on simplicity, pushing sophisticated products from small manufactories into the shade. This style works fine in modern home and commercial premises. The online store presents a wide range of minimalist products that perfectly fit into the interior design in the style of Bauhaus. Our store with lighting and furniture will also satisfy the aesthetic tastes of fans of the second most popular trend of the 1920s - Art Deco. This style is rightly associated with the elegance and use of materials of the highest quality. Furniture in the Art Deco style is called elite furniture. A connoisseur of geometric patterns, and contrasts and streamlined lines will get a real aesthetic pleasure from this decorative style. In the 1930s, a style called regionalism became popular for interior decoration. It accompanied products in Scandinavian style. In this style, the functionality and usability with the known technologies and materials were perfectly connected. In addition to regionalism, at that time European modernism was widely spread and we can compare it with the current style of modern suspended fixtures. As in the 1920s, simplified design lines were popular, but with a slightly different "American" form. The emphasis was on new technologies. As a tribute to progress, steel has appeared in the design, and furniture got tubular elements; also furniture from bent wood and metal lamps appeared. In the 1940s, in the design it was time for brutality. Late modernism focused on visible structural elements. The influence of this style can be traced in interior design till nowadays. Lamps of industrial style are the strong side of the offer. We have a lot of lamps in loft style, and such luminaries look great in combination with brick, stone and concrete. In our offer you will find interior design elements developed in the 50's, 60's and 70's 80's of the 20 th century, as well as the latest innovations. Lamps, furniture and accessories for interiors can attract the eye with an industrial form, solid wood or smooth lines. We sell wooden chairs, stylish sofas and functional coffee tables in different styles. Are you looking for a stylish lamp? Do you want to buy a dining chair? Do you need a good table lamp? We guarantee that you will find what you are looking for in As true enthusiasts of good style, we appreciate the achievements of designers over the past 100 years. Our store with stylish luminaries and furniture is the place where you can find only and exclusively original design. The products offered in our store are not replicas, but original lamps and furniture created by the best designers from around the world with love and great attention to every detail. We have modern lamps, classic chandeliers and LED lighting systems for public spaces. is an online store and an exhibition hall with unique designer lighting. Welcome to the climatically organized exhibition hall, rich in world-class icons. A unique industrial space will allow you to see dozens of the best projects in one place. The eternal beauty of design lamps is exquisitely exhibited on a strict space, decorated in loft style, with the real brick walls from the XIX century. Our store and exhibition hall is a place where you will get acquainted with stylish offers from dozens of world manufacturers. We provide a comprehensive consultation on the choice and configuration of each lamp. Welcome: shop and exhibition hall are waiting for you!

Tooby F32 hanging lamp
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Wirering LED wall lamp
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1965 regulated pendant lamp
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265 wall lamp
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Acorn pendant lamp
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Aeon Rocket pendant lamp
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Axo Light
Aibu table lamp
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Aim hanging lamp
  • Sending in 24 hours
Allegretto pendant lamp
Allegro LED pendant lamp
Alp outdoor floor LED lamp
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Axo Light
Alrisha LED wall lamp
Axo Light
Alysoid pendant lamp
Amp L pendant lamp
  • Sending in 24 hours
Amp S pendant lamp
  • Sending in 24 hours
Anima LED pendant lamp
Anisha table LED lamp
Aplomb floor lamp
Aplomb Large LED pendant lamp
Aplomb LED wall lamp
Aplomb Mini pendant lamp
Aplomb pendant lamp
Arcos ceiling lamp
  • Sending in 24 hours
Arcos wall sconce
  • Sending in 24 hours
Aria LED pendant lamp
  • Sending in 24 hours
Aro LED chandelier
Aro LED pendant lamp
Aro LED table lamp
Arrangements Drop pendant lamp LED
  • Sending in 24 hours
Axo Light
Aura ceiling lamp


Axo Light Lightecture: lamps, intended for public areas

Axo Light company produces lamps, that perfectly fit in the interior of private homes, as well as in business spaces. The brand offers a wide range of options to meet the requirements of commercial projects. If we add some technological innovations to the development of the proposed LED lamps, we will receive a recipe for international success. For Axo Light create outstanding designers with worldwide recognition: Karim Rashid, Dima Loginoff, Rainer Mutsch, Timo Ripatti, Ryosuke Fukusada. Italian luxurious Axo Light luminaries

Three unique Scandinavian lamps from the Northern Lighting

Lamps from Northern Lighting prove that the original design visions are wonderfully combined with traditional Scandinavian projects. Design icons of the twentieth century acquire new faces, transforming in the hands of talented, young designers. Completely new projects are sympathetic with classical forms, creating an interesting product offer. The Norwegian lighting brand creates functional lamps that connect the luxury, style and comfort in everyday use.

Sotto Luce: metal lamps in shades of gold, silver and copper

In Sotto Luce lamps there is a perfect combination of simple geometric shapes with precious materials. The brand makes it possible for the customer to create a unique lamp. The brand is moving with time, putting the client’s needs at the center. A person interested in buying a lamp from Sotto Luce turns into a designer; thanks to his own intuition, he creates his own design, which is then manually implemented in the workshop in the unique piece of art. What is the Sotto Luce design? Why in this season are popular metal hand-made street lanterns?

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